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InterHost Solutions is specialized in multiple cloud solutions. We offer a reliable and dynamic environment for all your webhosting, reseller hosting or VPS needs.

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Experiencing problems with your hosting or e-mailbox? Unsure which one of our packs will suit your needs? Our experienced support staff is available to help you out. They speak your language and will solve your problem in no time.

High quality hardware

High quality hardware

Any problems with your hosting or e-mail box? Unsure which one of our packs is the right one for your needs? Ask our support staff and they will help you make a choice. No matter the solution, all our services are hosted on A++ grade hardware.

Hosting made to measure

IT solution made to measure

Your company needs a private cloud or dedicated server to have full control over your data and it’s security? No Problem. We will install and maintain it for you. Need a new website or web application? Our parent organisation Lemon Companies can help you out.

Sustainable hosting

Sustainable hosting

We love our beautiful planet. That is why we only use green energy in our datacenter. We use the first datacenter that has DFC2 (direct free cooling). Outside air is used in a clever way to cool servers so energy hungry air conditioning usage can be limited. We at InterHost Solutions continuously invests in the latest energy efficient hardware to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible.

User friendly control panel

User friendly control panel

Our hosting control panel is extremely easy to use. Tasks like managing your website, set-up new email accounts, create databases and more are even possible directly through our customer system. No need to sign in with different credentials elsewhere.

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Traditional Hosting vs our cloud platform

In traditional hosting, your platform communicates with the server through the internet. When a lot of people are communicating with one server at the same time, the server might get overloaded. It simply lacks the power and memory to be able to process all the different requests. When this happens, websites on the server will start to load more slowly or not at all.

With our cloud platform, servers are divided in small parts which have an exclusive but limited amount of resources. Each website or application gets assigned some of these parts. If a website suddenly starts to get a lot of visitors, it will get more of these parts until a predefined upper limit. Likewise when there are less visitors it will also scale back down. Because the resources of the small parts are guaranteed every customer always gets what he or she pays for with no excuses.