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About Interhost Solutions

Interhost Solutions is completely focused on providing a reliable and stable hosting and cloud environment. We can help you with any form of hosting, including web hosting, reseller hosting and collocation hosting.  Interhost Solutions also offers state-of-the art public cloud services.  Using modern network and computer hardware located in a state-of-the art data center we can power your website or application,  be it simple or extra complicated, with high speed response and high uptime.  Our team of experienced network and IT experts is ready to address any challenge.

Meet our team

Thomas Vochten Thomas Vochten

Thomas Vochten

Software Engineer
Rhino Van Boxelaere Rhino Van Boxelaere

Rhino Van Boxelaere

Software Engineer
Marlon Stoops Marlon Stoops

Marlon Stoops

Support Engineer
Dorian Baeck Dorian Baeck

Dorian Baeck

Product Designer
Cis Van der Hoeven Cis Van der Hoeven

Cis Van der Hoeven

Support Engineer
Koen Verheyen Koen Verheyen

Koen Verheyen

Software Engineer
Ahmed Abdelhamid Ahmed Abdelhamid

Ahmed Abdelhamid

Project Manager
Maarten Menten Maarten Menten

Maarten Menten

Wordpress Developer
Thanh Thanh

Thanh "May" Doan

Marketing intern
Jef Van den Bergh Jef Van den Bergh

Jef Van den Bergh

Allround Creative
Tom Celis Tom Celis

Tom Celis

Lead Software Engineer
Tomas Verrelst Tomas Verrelst

Tomas Verrelst

Software Engineer
Chennara Nhes Chennara Nhes

Chennara Nhes

Software Engineer
Filip Smet Filip Smet

Filip Smet

Managing Director
Yuri Passchyn Yuri Passchyn

Yuri Passchyn

Software Engineer
Hannelore Thys Hannelore Thys

Hannelore Thys

Robin Bosmans Robin Bosmans

Robin Bosmans

Marketing Manager
Kristel Pire Kristel Pire

Kristel Pire

Software Engineer
Vincent Verbist Vincent Verbist

Vincent Verbist

Software Engineer
Jonathan Carron Jonathan Carron

Jonathan Carron

Winand van den Bergh Winand van den Bergh

Winand van den Bergh

Software Engineer
Dries Van Bever Dries Van Bever

Dries Van Bever

Product Owner
Brend Brentjens Brend Brentjens

Brend Brentjens

Creative Director
Laurent Janssens Laurent Janssens

Laurent Janssens

Project Manager
Olivier Brewaeys Olivier Brewaeys

Olivier Brewaeys

Software Engineer
Wouter Van Der Linden Wouter Van Der Linden

Wouter Van Der Linden

Support Engineer
Rob Proesmans Rob Proesmans

Rob Proesmans

Software Engineer
Vincent Asscher Vincent Asscher

Vincent Asscher

Software Engineer
Eliisa Lukjanova Eliisa Lukjanova

Eliisa Lukjanova

Marketing Intern
Shari Slagmolen Shari Slagmolen

Shari Slagmolen

Marketing Intern
Gino Van Houdt Gino Van Houdt

Gino Van Houdt

Software Engineer
Jens Teblick Jens Teblick

Jens Teblick

Technical Director
Julius Moortgat Julius Moortgat

Julius Moortgat

Account Manager
Lenn Verberckt Lenn Verberckt

Lenn Verberckt

Allround Creative
Johannes Bergé Johannes Bergé

Johannes Bergé

Software Engineer
Julie De Schepper Julie De Schepper

Julie De Schepper

Software Engineer
Jan Van Bogaert Jan Van Bogaert

Jan Van Bogaert

Technology Manager
Mathijs Biesmans Mathijs Biesmans

Mathijs Biesmans

Lead Software Engineer

Our corporate story

October 2008

Interhost Solutions is founded by 4 students, including Filip Smet & Jens Teblick.

October 2009

Our 500th customer!

October 2010

Next to hosting, Interhost Solutions starts offering web design services to its customers.

August 2015

Interhost Solutions builds an advanced VoIP  solution. It is used to revamp the communication services of the city of Herentals, rebuilding the voice as well as the data network.

September 2015

The software development and graphical activities get a big boost and are from now incorporated in a new entitity: Lemon Companies.

October 2016

Interhost Solutions adopt the technology of Jelastic and starts offering the first Belgian elastic cloud platform.