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dedicated server

Dedicated servers

Even a VPS can have insufficient power to support the most demanding applications or websites.
A dedicated server is  in than the perfect  solution.
We buy a brand new server,  place it in our datacenter and make is exclusively available  to you at friendly rate.

If you prefer, we can also place a server in your company dataroom and maintain it remotely.

Managed vs unmanaged

A dedicated server is not shared with anyone else. Maintenance and safety updates are your own responsibility. If you don’t have the time or experience to do this, we can manage your server for you. If you go for the managed option, we’ll also happily guide you through the installation process.

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Lightspeed loading times

A dedicated server has a private internet gateway and is completely independent. The server will be hosted in our datacenter that has the fastest network of the BeNeLux. High speed guaranteed.


Safety is key

Every dedicated server is protected by multiple firewalls that are constantly updated to counter the latest security threats.


Save money

You don’t need to invest in hardware. You rent the server. The operation system and system upgrades are included in the price.

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Fully customized to your needs

If you choose for an unmanaged dedicated server, you’re in charge of making back-ups regularly. In a managed plan, we’ll back-up your data daily.