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Help! I have a problem …

March 19, 2018 - 3:44 pm

If this question comes to your mind, you want a solution as soon as possible. That is why our support team is ready for you. To give a more pleasant and smooth service to our customers, we work with support tickets.

What are support tickets?

Tickets are fill-in forms that come directly to our support team. This way they can immediately start with your problem. After an analysis, they look for the appropriate solution. If there are any uncertainties after the analysis of the ticket, one of our employees will contact you as soon as possible to ask for more explanation.

Why tickets?

Tickets are not only a quick and efficient way to ask for help with problems. They ensure that you can follow up everything and that you can find previous questions or problems. Moreover, our tickets have the option that a screenshot can be added so that you do not have to describe everything in detail.

How to make a ticket?

Do not panic when you hear about the tickets for the very first time and do not know how to handle this. We are very willing to explain it to you. A ticket can be created in 2 ways:

  1. Are you on the home page of Interhost Solutions? Then you will find the button “Submit ticket” in the blue bar at the upper right.
  2. You go to “Client login” and log in. You will not only find the history of your tickets, but you can also request a new ticket. In the navigation bar you will find the button: “Open ticket”. Then, you have to make a choice between the different tickets: Sales, Support or Feedback (the latter can only be selected if you have a login).

A form will appear in both ways. Finally, you only need to complete the form and if necessary, add a screenshot and we will do the rest.

Did you know …

About 85 percent of all problems posed via tickets are solved within the hour?