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What is it?

The Interhost cloud PaaS empowered by Jelastic is the future of web and application hosting. Its Intuitive UI is ideal for quick and easy installation of application, projects and websites. Smart Auto Scaling precents server overloads by adding resources during load spikes. No more worrying about sudden visitor increases or heavier workloads.

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Who is it for?

It’s ideal for developers and software development agencies who want an advanced solution for a competitive price. The Interhost Cloud PaaS provides an intuitive dashboard for easy installation and management for customers who have no experience being a Sys Admin.

Why choose our cloud platform?

High performance

All servers run on high speed SSD – drives. This allows extremely fast access to your data. By you, a browser or a software platform. Light speed servers means happy users, which means better rankings on google.


No server overloads

The Interhost Cloud PaaS provides a revolutionary platform in terms of stability offering automatic horizontal (more servers) and vertical (more power per server) scaling that prevents downtimes of aplications in case of load spikes.

No downtime

If the Cloud PaaS needs maintenance, your containers are automatically temporary moved. You won’t even notice a thing! Besides, you can clone your created environments with one click. A 100% identical test environment can thus be created quickly so you can thoroughly check for bugs – without taking any risks.

Pay what you use

For our Cloud PaaS we work with flexible price-setting. Choose between a fixed monthly price or pay for the traffic you caused that month. This is for example very useful and cost-efficient for websites or applications that experience seasonal traffic peaks.

Easy set-up & launching

An easy monitoring tool and the intuitive dashboard helps you launching and monitoring your platform at all times. It’s interface doesn’t require any technologic or hosting knowledge whatsoever.

Daily back-ups

Daily back-ups guarantee you will never lose lots of important data. Choose between different versions, or go back to an older state of the website at any time.

One Platform For All Stacks

The Interhost cloud hosting application supports applications written in the languages listed below:



Node JS






Nginx, HAproxy, Varnish, Apache


Tomcat, Glassfish, Jetty, Smartfox, Jbossas, Wildfly


SQL/noSQL, Cache, VPS
Or around 2.00 per month
Cloudlets 1 cloudlets
400 MHz CPU
Disk Space
+1GB €0.000455h

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