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Drupal hosting

Drupal hosting

Due to it’s complexity, Drupal is considered to be a development platform rather than a content management system. Its sophisticated programming interface requires a tough learning curve and is often used by advanced developers and administrators.


Your Drupal application will scale automatically with the number of visitors received.It is possible to limit the upper and lower limits to prevent unexpected bills.

Select the number of expected monthly visitors below and get an idea of the resource consumption and price.

Expected monthly visitors/website:

Or around 2.00 per month
Cloudlets 1 cloudlets
400 MHz CPU
Disk Space
+1GB €0.000455h

The advantages

sneller laadtijd van Wordpress website

Lightspeed loading times

Our redundant powersupply and performance driven hardware ensures your Drupal website is fast and stable. These low loading times ensure that both visitors and search engines are satisfied.

Wordpress CMS makkelijk in gebruik

Powerful and highly customisable

Drupal is by far the most powerful and flexible tool. It allows connections to other websites, social networks and platforms. Templates contain pre-defined configurations that allow the administrator to focus on the building of extra features.

Wordpress community

Global community

Drupal has a fair community of users. As stated before, they are mostly advanced administrators and developers able of answering complex questions and specific plug-in needs.


Highly connected to users

The platform allows users to collaborate with your website. It engages users to contribute to the website while giving the administrator the ability to create, publish and review social content.

Drupal statistics


Drupal powers 2,3% of all sites across the web.


Mostly paid plugins available.

Already have a website? We’ll transfer it in no time.

Transferring your domain and website can be a complicated issue. Luckily our experts are only a phone call away. Let us know that you’ll like to transfer your website and/or domain and we will take it from there.