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Manage your own website with minimal technical knowledge. Content management systems allow you to do just that. With a few clicks in the control panel, you can start building your website with your favourite CMS. We offer you hosting for websites fully adapted to your needs.

CMS web hosting

Wordpress logo


The most popular CMS.

Easy to use, intuitive

No technical experience necessary

A lot of cheap pre-made themes and plugins

Ideal for blogs, simple websites and portfolios

Joomla logo


More flexibility than WordPress

Relatively easy to use

Requires some technical experience

Strong social networking features

Ideal for medium to large websites

Drupal logo


The most powerful CMS

Difficult to master

Requires technical experience

Best solution for complex data organisation

Ideal for advanced customized websites

CMS cloud hosting platform

Calculate the estimate cloud platform cost with one of the above CMS, based on the monthly number of visitors.

Expected monthly visitors/website:

Or around 2.00 per month
Cloudlets 1 cloudlets
400 MHz CPU
Disk Space
+1GB €0.000455h

The advantages of cloud hosting

It is also possible to host your CMS website using our cloud hosting packages. Take a look below to learn about the advantages over normal shared hosting.

sneller laadtijd van Wordpress website

High performance

All servers run on high speed SSD-drives. This allows extremely fast access to your data, by you, a browser or a software platform. Light speed servers means better rankings on google and most importantly, happy users.

Asset 4 hosting

No server overloads

The Interhost cloud PaaS provides a revolutionary platform in terms of stability offering automatic horizontal (more servers) and vertical (more power per server) scaling that prevents downtime of applications in case of load spikes.

Asset 2 webhosting en cloud

No downtime

If the cloud PaaS needs maintenance, your containers are automatically temporary moved. You won’t even notice a thing!
Besides, you can clone your created environments with one click. A 100% identical test environment can thus be created almost instantly, so you can thoroughly check for bugs and avoid possible risks.

Asset 16 webhosting en cloud hosting

Pay what you use

For our cloud PaaS we work with flexible price-setting. Choose between a fixed monthly price or pay for the traffic on your website that month. This is for example very useful and cost-efficient for websites or applications that experience seasonal traffic peaks.

Hosting, cloud en netwerken zijn aanpasbaar

Easy set-up & launching

An easy monitoring tool and the intuitive dashboard helps you launching and monitoring your platform at all times. Its interface does not require any technology or hosting knowledge.

Asset 3 hosting

Daily back-ups

Each environment on our cloud PaaS is automatically backed up once every day. These backups are kept for 10 days.
If something went wrong and you need a previous version of your application, please let us know and we will take care of it.

Start in a few seconds

You would like other applications installed on your website? No problem. Find and install it right now!

Already have a website? We’ll transfer it in no time.

Transferring your domain and website can be a complicated issue. Luckily our experts are only a phone call away. Let us know that you would like to transfer your website and/or domain and we will take it from there.

Need help building your website?

Interhost is a part of the Lemon Companies group. Our colleagues at Lemon develop custom built websites, software and mobile applications. Interested in their services? Find them here: